About Us

Everyone Needs A Little Magic

We all need a little magic. For you magic could be skydiving in Dubai, shopping in Milan, visiting Disneyland, driving your own brand new Mercedes Benz or spending a day with your celebrity crush. Sadly for far too many Africans, magic is the little things we take for granted, like their next meal, a place to lay their head or money for education and healthcare. We believe you pave the way for your dreams to come true when you help make someones dream come true. Magic comes to those who give and when you join us in making someones dream come true by donating to support a great cause, you get a chance at having your dreams come true

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Everyday, ordinary men and women step forward to serve humanity and change our world against all odds, and with limited resources. They battle poverty, hunger, illiteracy, diseases, gender equality, tyranny and social injustices. Our journey has opened us to stories of these extraordinary people, from the Lady who unknowingly adopted a special needs child and refused to give her back, going on to quit her job and start a cerebral palsy foundation to take in and loving more special needs children to the young man who has devoted his life to getting children out of the slums and into schools. These amazing Africans are real life heroes without question, the ripples they make travel far and make life that much more bearable for countless people. With your help, we seek help them turn these ripples into tidal waves.

Who Are We

We are a social enterprise that raises awareness and funding for nonprofits by giving donors a chance at a magic experience. Like you, we are passionate volunteers and givers frustrated by how little impact our giving actually made. Realizing there's only so much we can do individually, we are building a community of givers to make real impact by empowering nonprofits across Africa in a fun, innovative way. Together we can do so much more. Join us

Thanks for being here.

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